The Twirling World of Lazy Susan  elaborates further on previous projects about ‘housing’.  I like to further dive into the recent history household technology that both lifted domestic labour and made the female role more complex. I like to view it from an absurdist and historical perspective in comparison with the current online ‘tradwife’ trend. It fascinates my how modernist ideas about efficiency in a standardized domestic space both optimized household tasks and patronized the female role. Female entrepreneurs fought for small liberties that are now so much integrated in our daily lives that they are easily overlooked. Even tradwives are not aware of their feministic predecessors while celebrating (not so) traditional household labour. This new project refers to a carousel cabinet or turning table called a ‘Lazy Susan’. A patronizing name for an efficient household object named after Susan, a nickname for maids.

In October, after my maternity leave, I will start this project.

(Bronnen: ‘More Work For Mother’ (1985) – R.S. Cowen en ‘Selling Mrs. Consumer’ (1929) – C. Frederick).