Functionality in an artistic context forms the base for my current works and artistic research. Practical solutions shape the framework for my sculptural handwriting influenced by standardized infrastructures in an urban and domestic setting.

Material research during the renovation of my home and my frustration about domesticated standardization guided my creative research, for my most recent works, towards our changing dwelling habits in the beginning of the 20th century. Armed with the phrase ‘Form Follows Function’ my works were shaped by efficiency, standardization and human proportions.

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My research further developed during recent exhibition in a typical Dutch Piet Zwart Bruyzeel Kitchen followed by a residency in social housing complex ‘the Kiefhoek’. The project titled ‘Christine’s Choreograpy’ concluded in a show in museum the Lakenhal and reflected on the standardized domestic space designed by ‘de Stijl’ member J.J.P Oud in conversation with domestic economist Christine Frederick.

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Diving into the history of ‘the house as a machine for living’ with its white plastered walls, mass produced kitchens and functionalist social housing shaped my sculptures. In crossover projects between architecture, design and art history I connect recent historical figures and urban ideas resulting in absurdist texts. Here I question the historically female domestic domain designed by  mostly male dominated architectural practices. During my newest projects ‘Twirling world of Lazy Susan’ I further dive into the world of household technology and female domestic labour.

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My works both celebrate and criticize standardization. I see the sculptures as modernist ruins that are both recognizable and alienating. I use them to voice a critical point of view about a, to me, strangely familiar living surroundings.